Blanket Quilt Miro - verbena

Blanket Quilt Miro - verbena

4.500,00 DKK

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Note: The pictures are darker than end reallife. The colors er much more light. 

MIRO is a double layered cotton voile quilt perfect for the mid-season.

The tubular fabric is made of two layers creating an extremely pleasant tactile feeling. The layering of cotton voile gives a consistently ultra-soft fabric, ideal for the colder months.

The reason behind a polyester filling is durability and easy maintenance. Polyester is the only filling that allows the product to be machine washable at home multiple times and with no issue over time. It does not require additional care and does not capture odors, letting the quilt last longer.

Like the more traditional froisse linen and the extra-fine cotton, the classic Society Limonta products, MIRO quilt is garment dyed, a process that guarantees a better fabric quality.

Outer shell:

  • Cotton 100%


  • 100% Polyester


103 gr./mq.


NOTE: Estimated delivery time 6-8 weeks, if not on stock.