I’ve always had a great passion for interiors, kitchen equipment and design. Not just design for its own sake, but for the sake of enjoying a beautifully designed and created product.

From a very young age I visited kitchen equipment stores, Royal Copenhagen, George Jensen, Illums Bolighus and the like, with my much-loved maternal grandmother. We would never take a trip into town – and there were many of them – without looking in on these shops.

My grandmother had a great love of china and beautifully set tables, which my husband and I often enjoyed in our young days when we visited her in her apartment in Østerbro, Copenhagen.

The predilection for quality rather than quantity flows through my veins. My maternal grandfather was a real entrepreneur. He emigrated to the USA with my grandmother and mother in the post-war years, where he set about establishing his construction contracting business. All his life, my grandfather was careful to take care of his money and his possessions. Despite that, he was a very generous man and enjoyed pampering others and himself. He often said that if you bought things in cheap or poor quality, you never really had anything. He bought good quality and gave careful thought to every purchase. My grandfather has greatly influenced my basic attitude towards material goods: CHOOSE WELL - BUY LESS.

As a child, I spent many hours of my evenings and nights, not counting sheep, but tearing down walls, rearranging rooms and decorating. I loved to find the optimal, functional interior for the home, and I decorated incessantly, both in my imagination and on paper. I spent countless hours in this way over the years.

My childhood dream was to start my own business and/or become an architect. But my pathway in life took a different turn, and I became a lawyer.

In 2016, after many good years as a lawyer, I decided to prioritise my family.

However, my creative urges couldn’t just be placed on standby, and so some of the time I gained was quickly devoted to training as an interior design consultant, with plans to create a home design universe both online and in the real world.

In June 2017, this led to the opening of my shop, Rooms Galore, in Hornbæk. For me, Rooms Galore means roominess in its highest sense – both between people and in relation to the home environment.

In April 2019, I moved to larger premises across the street, where I can now create my universe with a kitchen department, furniture, lamps, textiles and a women’s clothing department.

In June 2019, my webshop finally went live. I look forward to watching it grow.

The physical shop in Hornbæk and the webshop are fully integrated with each other, and both are run according to the same values:


Values which come quite naturally to me!

These values ​are, of course, also the foundation of my relations with customers, suppliers, employees and others with whom I or my company interact. I seek to run an orderly, trustworthy and focused business on the basis of these values.

When selecting items for the shop in Hornbæk and for the webshop, these values ​are crucial to my choice of product. I choose only products that live up to them and that I would wish to have for myself, or that I’ve already had for many years, even before I had the shop.

I prefer to source products in Europe for the sake of the environment, but some unique products come from remote parts of the world.

My interior design follows the styles of NORDIC LIGHTNATURE and THE SIMPLE LIFE. I create rooms that exude calm and space (roominess) for the people who will live in them.

I hope that you enjoy my universe and the products that I have CHOSEN WITH GREAT CARE.

Welcome to the universe of MY FAVORITES.